Dani LevyAnd no, I'm not talking about The Producers. This one - tentatively titled My Fuehrer -- The Really Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler - will be made in Germany by a Swiss-born director. Dani Levy, whose Go For Zucker! was the big hit of this year's German Film Awards, will direct the film, which is still in development. Go For Zucker!, a "Jewish comedy" was originally made as a TV movie but ended up making $7 million at the German box office and winning six Golden Lolas at the film awards, including best director and best picture. In addition to the prestige the awards provide, Levy's Hitler project got an additional boost yesterday when it received a grant of about$600,000 from the Federal Film Board of Germany.

Following a Jewish comedy with a hilarious little picture about Hitler certainly takes balls, so Levy's got that going for him. Anything about Hitler is sure to get attention because of its subject matter and is likely to be widely distributed; one hopes the quality is such that it's more than just a gimmick picture for some big distribution house. Meanwhile, Go For Zucker! is slated for limited release in the US in early November.