andersonLove it or hate it, filmmakers are getting more and more options for getting their films in front of an audience. Last week, Erik reported on controversial billionaire/Landmark Theaters owner Mark Cuban's plans to allow indie filmmakers to rent screen space in Landmark theaters. This week we bring you tidings of the another development into indie film distribution: IndieFlix, a website that allows filmmakers to submit their films, which are then featured on the Seattle-based company's website. Viewers can then purchase DVDs of the films they are interested in through the site for $9.95, and IndieFlix burns the DVDs on-demand and ships them out.

The service has a great market; indie filmmakers, shooting on shoestring budgets and strapped for cash, can distribute their films at a grassroots level and avoid the potential pitfalls that come with distribution deals. Filmmakers would still, of course, have to market and promote, but hey - they have to do that with distributor deals now.

What do you think about all these changes blowin' in the wind for indie film? Do they ultimately spell the demise of traditional distribution channels, as more artists opt to self-promote and retain more rights? Or will traditional models triumph with their deeper pockets, theater chain connections and marketing moxy?

[Hat tip to reader Ryan, who pointed us to the New York Times story]

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