• 4 out of 5 Perez Hilton readers agree: a plumper Lindsay Lohan is a better Lohan. Ergo, Lindsay's team have seemingly advised the actress to downplay the skinny and pack back the pounds. "I was going through that phase everyone goes through," Lohan says. "I was on IV drips. I nearly died." Right. The freshman near-death experience is the new Freshman 15.
  • Speaking of pretty people who could have died: George Clooney says he was in so much pain after suffering a back injury on the set of Syriana that he considered suicide.
  • Was Selma Blair photographed with a live rat in her mouth for the NY Times Magazine? And do we consider that more or less dangerous than starring in The Fog?
  • Gabrielle Union is speaking out against the club owner who, she claims, cancelled her birthday party because she's black. The club owner claims that race has nothing to do with it – he only cancelled her birthday party because she's not as famous as Gabrielle Reece.
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