What would Halloween Week be without a tribute to the most inept horror film ever made? Its director might actually dispute the idea that Plan 9 From Outer Space was a horror film at all; he'd probably call it a "space opera of epic proportions". But with all due respect to Ed Wood, come on – how epic are a couple of metal pie tins on strings? The grocery-store-sourced flying saucers are maybe the most notorious thing about one of the most notoriously awful films in cinema history; it's gotten to the point where B-movie audiences pay tribute to Plan 9 at film festivals by tossing paper plates in the air every time the "alien spacecrafts" appear on screen. So rather than pay tribute to Vampira (again), or marvel over an appropriately creepy screenshot of Bela Lugosi (this was, of course, his last film), let's take a second to truly appreciate Ed Wood's gift for, um, economic design. I promise, we'll have more sexy girls tomorrow.
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