Last Best Chance
is a 45-minute, independently financed driver's ed film about what would happen if Al Qaeda became a nuclear power. Boasting slick production values such as washed-out, Tony Scott-esque coloring and plausibly dilapidated Russian locales, the film follows the creation of a Hiroshima-sized weapon, from the theft of fissile material in an unsecured location in Belarus ("a former Soviet republic," the titles helpfully inform us) to its assemblage, Lego-style, in backrooms and hideouts around the world. A piece is added from South Africa's abandoned nuclear project, then a bit more from operatives working in Poland, and so on. Once the weapon is assembled, it's carry-on luggage, more or less. The last shot in the movie is of an innocuous-looking Canadian couple driving a large SUV across the border into America.