A few new details have emerged since we last discussed the Star Wars TV series with you in June. According to a feature on E online, the expected release date is now early 2007, and Star Wars producer Rick McCallum indicates that interviews for writers have officially started.

McCallum also states that the plot will focus on characters that have "so far only shown up in novels- not Luke, Darth, or anyone else you’ve heard of." This runs counter to earlier reports that suggested the storyline would focus on Luke growing up.

The first thought that ran through my head when I read this news was, "oh boy, another chance for Lucas to stomp all over the extended universe canon." Granted, the man created the universe, he’s certainly allowed to write whatever he wants into it, but the prequels have clearly demonstrated that Lucas is entirely willing to ignore canon set down by the Star Wars novels (Maw Installation, anyone?). It makes one wonder if Lucas has in fact ever read the novels that he authorized to continue his universe. A disregard for these novels in the creation of the new TV series has the potential to decimate a good portion of the extended universe canon.

If we have to start eliminating book canon, I vote we start with the Black Fleet Crisis. How about you?

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