Spirted AwayJapanese director Hayao Miyazaki is internationally regarded as a master of animation, but precious few of his works have been widely seen in the US. Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoroandthe Oscar-winningSpirited Away, were all distributed - and acclaimed - here, but the fact is that comparatively few people actually saw them, and even fewer Americans have heard of, let alone seen, his earlier works.

Turner Classic Movies, however, hopes to expose the director to a much larger audience in January when it premieres a nine-film Miyazaki program. In addition to the three titles mentioned above, TCM will also air lesser-know Miyazaki works like
Castle in the Sky, and Porco Rosso. Though it is not yet known whether the versions shown will be subtitled or dubbed, TCM is sure to show the films in their original widescreen formats, and subtitles seem likely, give the channel's track record.

[via Cartoon Brew]
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