• Harvey and Bob Weinstein have announced a new round of investors in their budding post-Miramax effort, the Weinstein Company. Private equity investments are said to total $490 million, $10 million of which comes from Mark Cuban. Which is, of course, interesting, considering he's got his own movie companies to worry about.
  • The SAG battle I told you about yesterday is heating up like crazy. Alan Rosenberg's detractors are worried that his leadership may eventually lead to a work stoppage; his allies say that's nonesense. But Rosenberg's Membership First faction only has a very slim advantage on the board. At this point, the future of SAG is anyone's guess.
  • In other Rosenberg news, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg is working on Magdalena, a "faith-based feature based on a Top Cow comicbook." Gale Anne Hurd, who produced the upcoming Aeon Flux, will co-produce. She says, Magdalena is "exactly the kind of project we love, a strong female lead character, a story with rich mythology and compelling characters ... The religious overtone adds a new dimension to the adventure story."
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