Zach BraffWhen we last left Fletch Won, Kim was investigating the whole "Is Kevin Smith really off this project" rumor, while tracking down random message board posters (who are you "david1019"?!) and interrogating them, in a cold sterile room, for hours on end. The results: "david1019" (according to the comment he left here at Cinematical) turned out to be The Wizard of Oz. Okay, actually he turned out to be producer "David List" (convinced that's code for something) and re-affirmed the fact that Fletch Won was moving forward without Smith attached. So, as some of us writers try to figure out a way to turn this whole Fletch controversy into a movie, a new hero has emerged from the pack and, although he's made a film about New Jersey, he refuses to remain silent about the future of Fletch. MTV caught up with Zach Braff who, at one time, was shoved aside by Smith in favor of Jason Lee, but now seems to be playing frontrunner. "They're huge shoes to fill...if people see any similarities, he was a goofy guy who wasn't your stereotypical magazine poster boy, but he has the ability to be a great everyman. Those are the parts I'm interested in doing." Braff also let on that Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence is in talks to write the script for Harvey Weinstein. Oh, and about that whole Kevin Smith thing, he added, "Kevin Smith's not doing it anymore; I don't even really know what happened." Zach, my boy - that makes all of us. Well, unless our friend David feels like stopping by again to spill the beans.
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