Put the director of Reservoir Dogs and the director of Adventures in Babysitting in a room together, and there's bound to be conflict. At a Hollywood Film Festival event last week, Quentin Tarantino told an assembled mass – including Diane Keaton, Sam Mendes, and George Lucas – that he narrowly missed getting into a fist fight with director Chris Columbus. Columbus, the man behind Home Alone and a couple of the Harry Potter movies, seems completely innocuous – which is probably exactly what pissed Tarantino off. The Kill Biller is – uncharacteristically – not giving out any hardcore details on the almost-rumble, except to say that he "should have beaten the shit out of [Columbus] then." If you were Quentin Tarantino, what on earth might make you feel the need to "beat the shit out of" Chris Columbus? Tell us your thoughts on the matter in the comments.
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