How did I miss this story the first time around? Apparently, back in May, some to do was made over the fact that actress Bai Ling's few scenes had been cut from  George Lucas' Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Ling, who is so ridiculously attractive she essentially looks like a caricature of a Pretty Girl, claimed that George Lucas was "upset" over the actress' spread in Playboy, and had made the cuts accordingly; LucasFilm declined to give a reason for the Ling-dumping, but stated that the decision was made long before Ling posed for Hefner Corp. It seems odd that Lucas would care, considering Ling told reporters that her character in Sith, Senator Bana Breemu, "appears to be all naked with tattoos on my body". So is George Lucas is a big ol' Playboy hater, or was he just trying to keep naked Bai Ling to himself? Regardless, Lucas has now reinstated Ling's single, four-word scene on the Sith DVD.