Kirk GibsonEven if you didn't see the gimpy Kirk Gibson limp to the plate and hit a World Series, game-winning home run off of the unhittable Dennis Eckersley, the currently inescapable Wheaties ads have probably given you a pretty good idea what happened. Vin Scully's brilliantly concise call (imagine someone like Chris Berman actually using that few words words to describe something – never, ever happen) surely made the home run even more memorable. Baseball fans flash back to that incredible moment when they so much as hear Scully's voice.

So, in an effort to take advantage of the baseball frenzy that comes around every year in late October (granted, it's a smaller frenzy when no big market, East Coast teams are involved, but still - people care), Disney has pushed out a charming new teaser for Chicken Little. Accompanied only by Scully's call of the Gibson home run, Chicken Little himself drags a bat up the plate and hits one out - just watching legs that small run is hilarious to me, but then I'm easily entertained. Still, it's incredibly clever and refreshingly short - the link below takes you directly to the clip.

[via JoBlo]