IFCWith their brand new web/TV integrated program, IFC has become the latest indie film force to jump on the do-it-yourself bandwagon. Following other distribution initiatives such as Truly Indie and IndieFlixMedia Lab, with a system reminiscent of Kevin Spacey's Triggerstreet, will allow independent filmmakers to download their films onto IFC's website, while the folks at home get to vote on which ones they like the best. Only this time we're playing for a bit more than bragging rights - the highest ranked films will be chosen for national TV screenings on IFC. I am really curious to see what kind of model they set up, because I already envision thousands of aspiring filmmakers emailing IFC with claims of "That guy cheated the system!" or "What's to stop someone from getting everyone they know to vote for them in order to score higher?" Oh, and what about the always popular, "Someone is going around scoring films a zero on purpose in order to get their film ranked up top!" I love IFC and everything they do to help independent film, but for some reason I see this turning into a monster battle between cash-strapped dreamers, in an attempt to obtain a coveted spot on the IFC channel at 2:30am on a Wednesday morning. Although the website is live and they're now accepting films, you won't be able to view and vote until January of 2006. Here's hoping they prove me wrong.
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