Kevin Costner[A note to Mr. Costner's lawyers: the above headline is not an accusation about your client's private life. I'm reasonably sure that he hasn't killed anyone.]

Yes, you read that right: according to Production Weekly, all-around good guy (Remember him calling Madonna's Truth or Dare tour "neat"?) Kevin Costner is on board to play the starring role in Bruce A. Evans' Mr. Brooks. Details are disappointingly few, but the film is described as "physiological thriller" (Uh...what the HELL is that?! If it's not a typo, this is going to be one deeply strange movie.) about a serial killer named, not surprisingly, Mr. Brooks. Evans, whose resume includes writing credits for Starman, Stand by Me, and Kuffs (which he also directed - this concerns me),  co-wrote the script and will be directing the film. Production is expected to begin next spring in lovely, wet Portland, Oregon.

Call me crazy, but if this Mr. Brooks happens to be a chilled out serial killer from Iowa, this just might work. After all, Costner was terrific in A Perfect World - it's only when he takes roles in which he has to be, you know, not himself that there are problems.
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