Jarvis CockerReading Karina'sposts about the great and powerful Jarvis Cocker's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire band, I found it sort of odd that nowhere in any of the press information was the band given a name. It turns out the band was originally going to be called Wyrd Sisters (which, frighteningly, totally sounds like something Johnny and Jarvis would have come up with on their own), but when the Canadian folk group of the same name refused to sell their rights to the moniker, the name was pulled from everything related to the film. If you do a news search, every once in a while you can find a movie-related headline with "Wyrd Sisters" in it, but when you click the link, all references in the associated article have been deleted.

Not bothered by the absence of the name "Wyrd Sisters" from anything Goblet of Fire related, however, the real band have applied for an injunction against the film's release (slated for November 18, according to the IMDb) in Canada. The injunction request is just a small part of a larger lawsuit filed earlier this fall against Warner Brothers, as well as the three members of the pretend band formerly known as Wyrd Sisters. The folkies are expecting $40 million, plus damages and whatnot; given that their name DOES NOT APPEAR IN THE MOVIE OR ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH IT, this whole thing is more than a little bizarre. Hell, their lucky lawyer even got a special, personal, advance screening of the thing so she could verify that it is indeed Wyrd Sister-free.

So I'm going to go way out on a limb here, Canadian Potter fans, and say you can buy those opening night tickets today without fear of losing your money.
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