Iran mapIranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ran on a platform that included a promise to stem the invasion of Western culture, and to "promote Islamic culture" in its place. To that end, he has issued a state ban on foreign films, due to their frequent inclusion of elements that run contrary to his interpretation of conservative Islamic culture. Things like "alcohol and drugs, secularists, liberals, anarchists and feminists." Though the ban sounds (and is) profoundly draconian, it in fact is applicable only to Iranian television, which is state-owned and already heavily censored and thus is less repressive than one might expect.

Cinemas will continue to show foreign films, as will foreign-based TV channels, which are widely available via satellite. In addition, it is expected that the market for bootleg videotapes - which had fallen during the presidency of the more liberal Mohammad Khatami - will once again go through the roof.
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