MPAA PiracyA few clouds leftover from Hurricane Wilma lingered over the annual ShowEast conference on Tuesday, and quietly mocked MPAA chief Dan Glickman as he did his best to fight off an imminent battle that will eventually wind up playing out on two fronts. While he urged those in attendance to view the growing high-tech demand as an "opportunity," coupled with the whole UNESCO fiasco, it was clear that the movie industry would have to hunker down for the long haul. On the home front, Glickman once again threw out the "piracy is our biggest threat" card, but seemed to take satisfaction in his prediction that new technology like the video iPod will help, not hinder. "I don't think people will want to watch a 1 1/2 or two-hour movie on something the size of their hand, but it could have value to advertise and promote movies." Ahh yes, America's best friend - the advertisement; if the movie industry would invent something that could literally inject a Pepsi commercial into our ass, only then could we fully understand the true moviegoing experience, eh?
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