Mulder and Scully will most likely make a return to the big screen, but will Fight the Future director Rob Bowman be at the helm again? According to an article on IGN, he’d like to, but it’s nothing he can control. Bowman is currently filming Stephen King'sNightmares and Dreamscapes, and says his answer to the question of whether or not he will direct a new X-Files movie is “I have to be asked to direct it first”.

Bowman or no Bowman, it seems as though the movie is quite likely to happen, and it’s now only a matter of when. At this point, it is apparently an issue of timing; specifically, working out the schedules of stars David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and creator Chris Carter. Bowman says he was told the new movie would have a stand-alone plot, so that viewers unfamiliar with the ­X-Files universe could jump right in.

The real question is, does X-Files have the staying power to still be appealing to an audience nearly a decade since it last saw action? Honestly, I simply don’t know. I was never a big fan of the show, and only remotely remember watching bits of the movie at some sort of social event. Does this make me a bad geek? You X-Files fans should comment away and let me know your thoughts about a return to the franchise. In the meantime, maybe I’ll try to track down the first movie and give it my full attention.

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