Saw; Cary ElwesIf you're one of those brave people who watches horror movies (me, I'm so terrified by the drive up to the hotel in The Shining that I'll never be able to see the parts that are actually scary), you might be wondering what the hell happened to the guy in Saw to make him such a sick bastard. Or, you might just be thinking "Blood! Rock!"

If you're in the latter camp, you probably won't be that interested in the latest goodie up on the Saw II site: it's a sort-of-animated, graphic novel that provides John's (aka The Jigsaw Killer - I do NOT want to know how he picked up that nickname) history, and something of an explanation for why he's the killing machine that he is today. Maybe it also explains why he only kills people who don't appreciate life - and why he gets to decide who those people are.

Since it's a)scary, and b)flash and therefore kills my browser, I haven't watched more than the opening bit, but the graphics look pretty cool. If anyone who is brave enough to watch it feels moved to give a further review in the comments, it would be much appreciated.

[via Movie City Indie]

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