The Vertigo arm of DC Comics produces some truly stellar titles, perhaps none greater among them than Watchmen. Fans were of course quite excited when Paramount announced their Watchmen project, and continued to grow ever more excited as forthcoming news was nothing but good: work had been done on costume and set design, Paul Greengrass had a filming schedule set, and David Hayter's screenplay had met with very positive reviews. Fans were equally devastated when, earlier this year, Paramount threw a hissy fit over the film’s expenses and kicked the sucker to the curb without so much as a by your leave.

Well, today, the emotional roller coaster ride for Vertigo fans takes another wild jump, as EntertainmentWeekly reports that the good folks at Warner Brothers are now in talks to bring the project into their fold. Hey, this is the company that brought us Batman Begins, right? But of course, it is also the company that brought us Catwoman.

I’m excited about this, for very obvious reasons. Watchmen is a stellar title, and comic book fans of all variety should be thrilled to see it on the big screen. I’m also admittedly apprehensive, however, because of the most recent attempt to bring an Alan Moore project into theatres. Let’s be honest, LXG wasn’t really anything like the comic book, and even if it had a few fleeting moments of mindless action fun, it wasn’t what any of us wanted when we first heard the news of the Gentlemen movie. Can a Watchmen flick be more faithful to the pages, or will it too disappoint?

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