Van DammeCall it destiny or the desperate need for a paycheck, but Jean-Claude Van Damme and Wesley Snipes are making a movie together. The Hard Corps (Note to Moviehole: You got the name wrong) begins production next month in British Columbia and is said to tell the story of a combat vet (Van Damme) who, after returning home from fighting overseas (I hear Iraq and Afghanistan are hot spots right now), has to settle for the boring job of bodyguard to the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. Why does a boxing champion need a bodyguard in the first place you ask? Well, to protect him and his family from an evil rap music mogul of course. However, complications do arise when the boxing champ's sister falls in love with the bodyguard and then I believe Kevin Costner shows up in a brief cameo to complain about the casting decisions. According to the pic's director Sheldon Lettich, Sony has told them that they have "an excellent chance of getting a theatrical release in "Urban Markets." Sorry New Jersey, you're just going to have to wait until this bad boy hits the 99 cents bin at Best Buy.
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