Tab Hunter - seen above in an infamous shot of him offering a sausage to Roddy McDowell – has just come out with a memoir examining his painful struggle to hide is homosexuality from the Hollywood establishment. When a tabloid outed him in 1955, Hunter says, "I wasn't angry, I was more fearful. I had very, very few close friends and even a smaller number knew what my sexuality was." His career eventually died out, and he all but disappeared until John Waters offered him a role in 1981's Polyester. Waters apparently asked Hunter how he felt "about kissing a 300-pound transvestite?", to which Tab responded, "I'm sure I've kissed a heck of a lot worse." In fact, Hunter says, "Divine was one of my favorite leading ladies." Quick – somebody photoshop Divine into the above breakfast scene. The first person to do it semi-proficiently and send it to us here gets two stars.