It's telling that a quick search of Cinematical's archives produces only tales of trouble from the set of Michael Mann's Miami Vice. It's been shooting since mid-summer, and from about a month in, fourth-billed Justin Theroux was caught complaining about the pace of its big budget bureaucracy. Then Hurricane Katrina, though only a Category 1 storm when it passed through Florida, still managed to delay production for two days. Then, Jamie Foxx expressed (justifiable) outrage over a racist prank pulled on set involving nooses. Now, in what might be the weirdest incident of life interrupting art commerce yet, the production (which moved to the Dominican Republic about two weeks ago) has once again been delayed, this time by a real-life on-set shooting. A man named Mario Torres approached the production, pulled out a pistol, and fired two shots. An off-duty soldier hired to provide security on the set quickly responded by shooting Torres once in the side. Torres is now in stable condition at a local hospital – and the Dominican government is embarrassed, and a little pissed. "The Dominican Republic is being put on the world map with future film shoots and this type of act affects our image," culture minister Jose Rafael Lantigua said. Sure. But judging by the picture above, I'm a little more concerned with Colin Farrell's image – is the mega-mullett really necessary?
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