In the newest Narnia news, Disney has announced that they will open Disney-MGM Studios Soundstage Four (on

Mickey Avenue
), turning it into the frozen wonderland of Wardrobe-era Narnia. The soundstage will be accessed through a giant wardrobe, and actual movie props (creatures, costumes, and armor) will be featured as part of the set. Disney confirms a Dec. 9 opening, but does not indicate how long the set will stay up.

Geek confession time: I love Narnia. I start every summer by reading through the Chronicles. When I first moved into my dorm room at college, it had a big wardrobe for my roommate and I to use. Within minutes, I had opened the wardrobe and thoroughly checked to be certain that the back was solid, and not a magical portal to Narnia (or some other magical world). As a matter of fact, I check every wardrobe I encounter, and have since I was in grade school. One never knows, after all. I wish I lived anywhere near Disney, or had the cash to get myself there this winter. This exhibit sounds amazing, and I would die for the chance to go 'further up, further in.'

[via Cinema Blend]

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