Danny GloverAs part of their quest to line up every semi-big name black actor on earth for the production of The Supremes Totally RuleDreamgirls, DreamWorks has added Danny Glover to the cast. Glover, who is probably very relieved to have been cast in a movie without Mel Gibson that people will actually see, joins Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx as the men who will get the hang out with Beyoncé/Diana Ross. He'll play Marty Madison, the manager of Murphy's character, "womanizing R&B star James 'Thunder' Early."

Man do I hope this isn't a disaster. I mean, you remember Eddie Murphy's singing days, right? How his girl wanted to party all the time? That's not really very encouraging stuff from a guy who has been cast in what, hopefully, will be a giant blowout of a musical. What with the Outkast musical due out early next year and this one aiming for a year from now, 2006 could be the year musicals make a comeback. (And no, Chicago didn't count as a "comeback." There has to be more than one.) Either that, of course, or the year they're sadistically, brutally destroyed forever.
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