Have you read Daniel Wilson’s new book,How to Survive a Robot Uprising? If you answered yes, you are either a proofreader or a liar, because the book won’t hit the shelves until November seventh. However, this hasn’t stopped Michael DeLuca Productions (under the auspices of Paramount, I believe) from purchasing its movie rights; MD already has a film adaptation of the book written courtesy of Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant (TV’s Reno 911). Wilson’s answer to how this came about so quickly? - "It turns out that they love robots. And who doesn't love robots?"

According to Sci-Fi Log, the book offers helpful advice on situations such as fooling speech recognition programs, recognizing a rebellious servant robot, and escaping from a smart house. Wilson has his PhD in robotics from Carnegie Melon, which means that his book, while of course ridiculous and tongue-in-cheek, is vetted by actual knowledge of the subject.

This book reminds me of The Zombie Survival Guide, a thoroughly enjoyable read which details “complete protection from the living dead.” My initial reaction was that such a book would not translate well into a feature film, but upon ruminating on the concept for awhile, I began to wonder if my initial reaction was incorrect. If the movie can pull of the zany yet intensely focused feel of the book while still maintaining a good flow (not making it seem choppy and disconnected), it might just be fun to watch. Thoughts?

[via: Sci-Fi Log]

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