Most of the criticism that has heretofore been levelled at filmmaker Michael Moore has been directed at his easy soft spots: he's a bully, he's annoying, he's hyperbolic and emotionally manipulative, he's not that much fun to look at. But according to Page Six (who, incidentally, have come up with the Phrase of the Day by calling Moore a "porcine provocateur"; Richard Johnson, you have my permission to take a three-hour lunch), a new book is coming out that will expose the documentarian's hypocrisy on many of the key issues he's been known to rant about.

In Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy, Peter Schweizer makes several claims about various leftish personalities, but apparently much of the muck is raked on Mike. Among the most damning allegations, Schweizer claims that Moore, who claims not to own stock in anything, in fact has a foundation set  up so that he can secretly buy and sell shares in companies such as Halliburton (the defense contractor he's very vocally criticized) and in HMOs, who are the target of his next film, Sicko. Though Moore rails against racism, only three of his 134 employees are black; and whilst Moore has publicly supported union causes, he's privately battled the Writers Guild and other unions in his own business dealings. There's no verifying the veracity of these claims just yet, but keep an eye on Moore's website – he never turns down an opportunity to vociferously defend himself.
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