Did you see that Duke of Hazzard tie-in video Jessica Simpson made for her cover of "These Boots are Made For Walking" last summer? I found it horrifying. We've gotten so used to these post-post-modern images of women using their sexuality to (fairly or otherwise) level the playing field, to winkingly propel them to some other end goal. There was none of that there – this was a total throwback to the Tawny Kittean video vixen era of full-on objectification. It's good to know I'm not the only one that felt itchy over it: Nancy Sinatra's daughter says her mother is not exactly pleased over Simpson's bastardization of her biggest hit. Whilst A.J. Azzarto admits that she "helped Jessica put it together because one of my capacities in working with my family is working on the rights of the songs," Simpson's final product "wasn't quite the way mom would have liked it - not the same speed." In Sinatra's own words, the original 1966 single made her "a reluctant feminist icon." She told an interviewer last year, "I wasn't thinking about any broad sociological implications [when I wrote the song]. I just felt Boots in my heart. I had gotten married way too young and came out of the marriage very disappointed. I had that woman's mind-set. I had been terribly hurt, and I was way beyond sadness."
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