So we’ve all heard the rumors of Joss Whedon directing a Spike movie. However, it seems as though this might just be the tip of a new Buffyiceberg. How Joss finds the time to even think about yet another project is beyond me, but apparently the man is unstoppable. Marti Noxon, executive producer of several seasons of Buffy, says that continued fan interest has lead Whedon to consider a series of direct-to-DVD movies based on the Buffy universe. That’s right, friends, not just one, or even two, but a series of new movies. Apparently, past scriptwriters from the show have been contacted regarding screenplays for possible movies focusing around secondary characters (because let’s be honest, Sarah Michelle Gellar is not coming back for any direct to DVD movies). Noxon notes the already rumored possibilities of movies revolving around Spike or Angel, but does not mention which other Buffy related characters may also feature into the possible new film series.

Is anyone out there excited by this news? I know Buffy fans are a loud and dedicated group, and Joss Whedon commands a virtual army of eager fanboys/girls...but c’mon now. Can’t we just let Buffy go gentle into that good night? Okay Buffy fans, tell me which characters the new films should feature.

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