YodaExtending his empire ever-further, George Lucas' Lucasfilm just opened a brand new animation studio in Singapore. Though the man himself was absent from the studio's grand opening, it nevertheless went off in style with "traditionally auspicious lion dance, a feng shui master's blessing and the unveiling of a rather less traditional Yoda statue at the studio's entrance."

Once the opening ceremonies were completed, the studio's staff went right to work on Clone Wars, the episodes of which are being expanded from the current five(ish) minutes to a full 30 minutes. Well, really they'll fill however many minutes remain in the half hour after all of the damn ads are over. What is that, 23 or something? I swear that Cartoon Network has more ads than any other network - The Venture Bros. feels like it lasts only about 10 minutes around all the ads. Still, though, anything longer than five minutes will be an improvement for Clone/Star Wars fans. The animation for the new, longer episodes is expected to be done some time next year; no word on when they will air.
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