Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe is really not working on pleasing his fans right now. In the middle of promotions for the forthcoming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the boy is being just a mite too honest about his feelings towards his character, and is most likely throwing message boards into a tizzy. Just days after casually mentioning that he might not want to play Harry Potter forever, the boy has announced that he thinks JK Rowling ought to kill off his character in the final book in her massive, zillion dollar series. It's not a token, tear-jerking death, though. Oh no. Radcliffe wants Harry to sacrifice himself for the forces of good - if he was writing the series, he'd have Harry have "to die in order for evil Voldemort to die." Said the young wizard, "I wouldn't want it to be sentimental. I don't like sentimental ends to books or films. I think that would undermine the darkness the rest of the books have."

Dang, Dan. While it sounds good to me, but I wonder what fans of the series would think if it ended that way. Would it make the whole thing not worth it if the hero died?
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