Marvel creator Stan Lee is set to bring his new project LightSpeed to the Sci-Fi Channel in a made for TV movie directed by Don Fauntleroy. LightSpeed is the code name of a new Lee-created character named Daniel Leight. Leight is a government agent who gains the ability to run at the speed of light after his legs are crushed during a building collapse and he is exposed to a tremendously high dose of radiation. The character will be played by Jason Connery (son of Sean), and other actors include Lee Majors, Nicole Eggert and Daniel Goddard.

Naturally, as a comic book fan, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Stan Lee. The man was one of the major pioneers in the field, and created many of the most famous Marvel characters. Alongside Jack Kirby, he helped launch superhero comics from a novelty product to a major industry. However, since leaving Marvel, Lee has made some less than impressive moves (anyone remember Stripperella?), and this new project leaves me feeling somewhat apprehensive. The character archetype is tired (Quicksilver and the Flash already handle the super speed deal), and the radiation angle is also very overworked. It’s not the seventies anymore; we all know that massive doses of radiation do not make you superhuman, they just make you melty and dead.

Having said all that, I’m going to watch it. I mean…Stan Lee. Once I’ve seen it, I’ll be sure to let you know what I think. Reactions, anyone?

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