We would be incredibly remiss if we managed to make it through Halloween week without mentioning Dario Argento. The master of 70s-era Italian Horror (and father of Asia, albeit semi-estranged) created some of the most stunning images ever put on blood-streaked celluloid. The above comes from Suspiria, his most famous film, which tracks a serious of operatically gorgeous killings at a German ballet school. As the above image attests, Argento loves nothing better than surprising an exquisitely beautiful woman with a sudden, grisly death. I suppose that should piss the latent feminist schoolgirl in me, but ... whatever.

Tomorrow is our last day of Vintage Horror Images. Take a lookat whatwe've done so far. What do you think we should wrap up the week with? Keep in mind that it is the Vintage image feature - nothing after 1979 allowed.
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