Months ago, I asked (and partially answered) the question, "What ever happened to Harmony Korine?" This week's Best of Nashville edition of Nashville Scene has a few more bits of information to fill up some of the remaining blanks. Though it was apparently "international news", I was not aware of the joint venture Korine launched last year with fashion designer Agnes B. Agnes is apparently reknowned for supporting filmmakers, and has invested in the works of Claire Denis, Gaspar Noe, and others in the past. That production company, known as O'Salvation!, is currently backing new works by Korine, as well as efforts from emerging Nashville filmmakers, in what Jim Ridley calls "potentially the most exciting development on the city’s film scene since Robert Altman shot here 30 years ago". Korine's project is called Mister Lonely, and it's currently in pre-production. Korine co-wrote the script with his brother Avi, and it apparently has something to do with "a guy [who] lives in a giant soda bottle". It'll be his first feature since 1999's stunning DV Dogme film, julien donkey-boy. That's if he finishes it, of course – his track record on seeing projects through isn't stellar. Here's hoping he pulls it together.

[via Movie City Indie]
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