Have you ever wondered what Gotham would look like if you were the city planner? The opportunity is now yours, as Warner Bros. Consumer Products recently announced that they have awarded the LEGO Group the construction toy license for DC Comics' "Batman." Beginning in April of 2006, Lego will begin selling several Batman products with “strong vehicle focus, cool functionality, gadgets and a library of collectible mini-figures.”

Geek confession time again. I liked the old Star Wars line of LEGO products, particularly the mini-figures. They are overly pricey and made of plastic, but something about them is just appealing to me. Would I like to own Batman Lego figures? Yes. Yes I would. Will I own any? Probably not, because I don’t ever have money to spend, and LEGOs are very, very low on my list of things I need to purchase. But I still think it’s cool.

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