Coming has announced that Ghost House Pictures will launch its official website ( on Oct 31, 2005. Ghost House pictures was created in May of 2002 by partners Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, and quickly became one of the top studios for horror flicks (The Grudge and Boogeyman are among their early successes). Ghost House’s upcoming films include Sebastian Gutierrez's Rise, starring Lucy Liu; horror-thriller The Messengers; Takashi Shimizu's horror sequel The Grudge 2; a remake of horror classic The Evil Dead; Monkey's Paw; and David Slade's 30Days of Night, an adaptation of the Steve Niles graphic novel.

While a Halloween launch is appropriate (and even sort of geek cool) for Ghost House, I was surprised to discover that they didn't have a website already in existence. Maybe I just spend too much time plugged into my little world and I’ve lost contact with how reality operates, but I’m pretty sure that websites are…well, commonplace these days. C’mon, even the Amish have a website.

Anyway, Ghost House, I’m glad to see you finally joining the Web. Welcome to the Nineties.

(p.s. Please don’t write me to tell me that Amish dot net is not actually run by the Amish, but is simply run about the Amish. I’m fully aware of that, I promise.)

[via Coming Soon!]

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