George TakeiYes, you read that right – George Takei recently told an LA weekly that he's gay. I have to admit that when I read this story I actually experienced a sharp intake of breath, accompanied by a hand raised to my mouth. Yes, it was a horrifyingly stereotypical female reaction of shock. George Takei? Gay? Holy crap!

Once my heart rate returned to normal, I realize that my reaction had nothing whatsoever to do with Takei - it was all about his character. Mr. Sulu is, along with his shipmates, really sort of an icon; like it or not, in our weird culture of fandom, what Takei does has a huge impact on Star Trek lovers around the world (particularly those who write slash fanfic). I mean, these days when a veteran, sort of mid-level actor comes out, the reaction is pleasingly subdued - people hardly even care any more. But Mr. Sulu?! That's huge - it took a lot of balls to do what Takei did. More power to him, and hearty congrats to the man. Warp speed and all that.
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