RamboIn April, we reported that the early treatment of Rambo IV had been approved by David Morel, who wrote First Blood. Back then, the story was a rah-rah Rambo beats the Islamist terrorists story, complete with a threat to the UN and the devastating news that Rambo's own adopted son was part of the plot. Hell, I bet he was even going to cry! At the time, Morel praised the treatment's quality (ahem), calling it "impressive and remarkably well researched."

Now, six months later, the movie suddenly has a completely new plot. Instead of an story with an international, political scope, it's suddenly about a kidnapped girl who Rambo feels he needs to save. So, what gives? It's not like this country has suddenly fallen in love with Islamist terrorist or something - if you want an enemy that everyone can get behind, you really don't need to look any further. Anyone got any guesses about the reason for the change?

The script is reportedly in its very early stages, so filming won't start until next spring.
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