The Weatherman Going into The Weather Man I predicted, based off a partly cloudy trailer, that this film looked pretty good. We have Nicolas Cage playing a dopey weatherman paired with Gore Verbinski who just shot an exciting pirate adventure in the Caribbean.  Not to mention the always reliable Michael Caine who, should the movie crap out, was sure to give me at least one good thing to say about the experience. Unfortunately, like the film’s theme and life in general, one can never accurately predict an event based on the forecast. Now, there’s something deep down inside of me that really wants to like Nicolas Cage. On paper he chooses good roles and usually surrounds himself with excellent talent. Yet every time I open my arms wide for him - the man jumps back and throws 13 different facial expressions at me. There are some films (Raising Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas, The Family Man) in which we get good Cage, and he shows signs of brilliance.  But then there are the bad Cage films (Con Air, Guarding Tess, City of Angels) that leave us wishing we’d stayed home with a pizza and a DVD of Home Alone. As the theater darkened and a hush fell over the crowd, I anxiously wondered which Cage would show up in The Weather Man. Would Cage blow me away with the powerful performance he’s capable of? Or leave me cold and wet, a poor schlep stranded on a New York City street corner with nothing but a dirty, smelly subway car to cushion my ride home?