• Last month, Sony Electronics laid off 10,000 workers; now Sony Pictures has posted a $59 million operating loss for last quarter – and it's all Jessica Biel's fault. The Seventh Heaven reject starred in Stealth, one of the biggest flops of the summer.
  • The Hollywood Film Festival handed out awards this week to The Producers, Memoirs of a Geisha, and King Kong – three films which they didn't screen.  As Nicole Laporte writes, "There is a certain accepted cynicism in Hollywood when it comes to the ubiquitous kudofests that lead up to the Academy Awards in February ... In this light, the notion of uncompleted films racking up awards isn't all that mind-blowing."
  • Jack Black has joined the cast of Holiday, an ensemble comedy by Nancy Meyers about the friendship between two women, and American (Cameron Diaz) and a Brit (Kate Winslet), who meet after both have been dumped. Black will play a film coposer who befriends the Brit after she moves to Los Angeles.
  • Disappointingly, Todd McCarthy finds Jarhead disappointing. "Part absurdist drama, part personal observational commentary and part hormonal explosion, all seen through the filter of previous war pics, Sam Mendes' third feature has numerous arresting moments but never achieves a confident, consistent or sufficiently audacious tone.
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