SciFi Log is reporting that Warner Independent Pictures and Cherry Road Films have acquired the rights to the 1976 sci-fi film The Man Who Fell to Earth, as well as the rights to the Walter Tevis novel on which it was based, in hopes of remaking the movie. The story follows an alien being that disguises himself as a businessman and comes to earth looking for water for his home planet. Unfortunately, the greed and avarice of mankind corrupts the well-intentioned alien as he becomes head of a powerful international company.

The biggest thing I remember from the original version of The Man Who is that David Bowie played the lead – and didn’t do a half bad job of it. I like the film, but I’m not sure if I’d consider it a hot property for a remake. If you want to make an alien flick, surely there are enough sci-fi stories out there that haven’t been culled yet for you to choose from. Suggestions or thoughts?

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