The Exorcist Last week I asked you (the reader) what you'll be watching come Halloween night. After all, it's right around the corner and I haven't got a thing to wear. Why is it always so hard to find the right costume? I feel as if an adult male only has two options; a 70's disco pimp or an ugly monster dressed in black sweatpants. Choose the latter, and you're shelling out 100 bucks for a mask that you'll need to remove five minutes after it's on because of a little necessity called breathing. Let's face it: One of the key components of a great scary movie is its monster. Whether it's alive or dead, inside your closet or inside your head - what tends to scare us the most is that fear of whatever might be hiding behind door number one. What better time then right now to remember those monsters that forced Mom and Dad to leave the light on until I was 23. After all, it's almost Halloween (again) on this week's Trailer Park:
  • Everything was all fine and dandy until she had to go and throw up everywhere. On Halloween, few films freak us out as much as The Exorcist. There's nothing like watching an innocent little child be tormented by a hideous demon, while fighting the urge to run out and obtain a bucket of Holy water to bathe in. Featuring one of the most classic scary scenes in film history (wait, did her head just completely turn around?), there's a reason why it's always wise to keep the phone number of your favorite Priest close by.
  • Out of all the blood-thirsty vampires that have graced our darkened living rooms over the years, in my mind, there was only ever one true monster - Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula. In the 1931 classic, Dracula, terrific lighting proved over-the-top CGI is nothing more than a convenience. To this day, Lugosi's "I am Dracula" line sends shivers throughout the heavy thumping of my heart.
  • It's bad enough to be possessed by a demon, but what happens when you might be pregnant with one? Choosing to go with uncertainty and intensity over blood, guts and gore, Rosemary's Baby is one of those essential scary movies. Dare I even mention the rape scene?
  • It's sort of a ritual for anyone that's spent some time out on Long Island to drive by that house in Amityville at least once. The poor people that live there now must hate this time of year with a passion, but watching The Amityville Horror over the years has made Halloween that much more enjoyable. Invisible monsters who paint the walls with blood? You bet I'm in!
  • If I had to pick one scene from any movie that's scarred me the most over time, I would have to go with the whole "is that a monster coming out of your stomach, or are you just happy to see me?" scene from Alien. Ridley Scott captures that feeling of isolation and terror brilliantly, and once the alien finally shows up - get ready to grab something firm because you're not letting go.
  • Don't go in the water. Need I say more? The music, the acting, the Spielberg and that great white shark are what kept me in a swimming pool throughout most of my life. Jaws is the definitive scary movie monster. That's it. The thing freaks me out. There's nothing left to say.

Enjoy your Halloween, everyone!