Uwe Boll has a fantastic new announcement for all of you fans who are anxiously-nay, breathlessly-awaiting the release of his fantastic new video game epic, Dungeon Siege. The big news? Dungeon Siege is now a two part film.  That’s right, TWO parts! You get to see it twice! Apparently, Boll just couldn’t edit his masterpiece down to a single feature film, there is simply too much cinema gold. To remedy this he has decided to release the movie as two features, the first releasing in early November of 2006 and the second in early December of 2006, each at roughly 100 minutes. Once again, that’s two doses of Boll in two months! Can life get better?

Let’s have a show of hands here. How many of you would pay to see Dungeon Siege once? How many of you would go to see Dungeon Siege if Dr. Boll himself paid you to watch it? Okay…well maybe then, because if it’s anything like his other flicks the sheer overwhelming awfulness of it could likely make it this year’s hit comedy.

And the glory doesn’t stop here, folks. The next few months/years are going to be just full of The Wacky Adventures Of Director Boll. Stay tuned for more!

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