One more horror-themed Vintage Image to end the series. This one comes from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Robert Weine's German Expressionist masterpiece, and it's occasioned by my discovery that the 1919 silent-horror classic has once again been remade. The first remake,  starring Glynis Johns (who you may remember as the feminist mom in Mary Poppins), is generally considered unembarrassing, but its reputation doesn't come close to matching that of its predecessor, which more or less invented the shadowy aesthetic that would come to define film noir. So far, advanced word on the 2005 version, directed by newcomer David Lee Fisher, has been mostly positive. According to a reader of Arrow in the Head, the film uses blue screen technology to plant new actors in front of backdrops from the original film, but it's not a Gus Vant Sant/Psycho shot-for-shot remake. The newest Caligari was apparently a major hit at Screamfest in Los Angeles; it'll have a short theatrical release before hitting DVD.

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