The dragon centered flick Eragon is in its final stages of production at its principal set in Budapest, and is set to hit theatres in December of next year. Given that it is a flashy new fantasy movie, one might be surprised at the utter lack of photo/video material that could be found thus far (I mean, we’ve been seeing stills and videos of Narnia for what feels like years now). That all changed on the 27th, however, as fans of Eragon briefly had something to feast their eyes on: promotional materials, set photos, and a video featurette) at fansite That is, until 20th Century Fox stepped in. Apparently, the material received by Shurtugal was not supposed to be out yet, and is in fact part of a promotional package to be released later. Oops!

I know next to nothing about Eragon. In fact, I only know that it is about dragons because I’ve seen the cover of the book sitting on the shelf at bookstores. Even so, this news disappointed me. I like dragons as much as the next geek, and I was all set to share some exciting new pictures with you Eragon fans when I clicked on the link and was greeted not with shiny new pictures, but instead with sadness and regret. Oddly, this lack of pictures inspired in me a desire to know about this movie that twenty minutes ago I was only aware of in the vaguest sense. Now I’m going to spend the next half an hour googling Eragon. Fans, tell me why I should get into this book/movie.

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