Starbase972 recently had an exclusive interview with writer/director Robert Burnett, one of the two men responsible for a Star Trek inspired feature film called Free Enterprise, produced in 1998. Free Enterprise is the story of two young and geeky filmmakers who get to meet their idol, William Shatner, only to discover that the actual Shatner is not the Captain Kirk of their dreams, but an instead an aging middle aged man. In the interview, Burnett indicated that he and his partner Mark A. Altman are currently finishing up the screenplay for a sequel to Free Enterprise, and hope to get not only Shatner on board for the sequel, but also his longtime partner Leonard Nimoy. Burnett has indicated that he would not want to do the film without Nimoy, and Shatner has apparently told Burnett that Nimoy would do the movie if he (Shatner) asked him to.

I thought Free Enterprise was a decently funny flick, but mostly due to Shatner’s continual poking fun at his own image. I enjoy the self-aware, self-deprecating style that Shatner has adopted towards his past glory in geekdom. Aside from Shatner’s performance I didn’t really think the film had much to offer, but that could be because I’ve never been much of a Trek fan myself. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it when I see it and all, it’s just never been a big part of my life as a geek. So, is a sequel worth the attempt, or will it play too much on the now-familiar Shatner-making-fun-of-himself theme?  My thoughts are that if Nimoy is indeed involved he could add an additional element to the new movie that would make it something more than just a rehash of jokes from the first. I would give a chance to just about anything that put Shatner and Nimoy together onscreen. Thoughts? 

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