Empire is reporting that Walden Media, one of the production companies currently working on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, is planning an update to the class story Journey to the Center of the Earth. The new movie will feature a modern day father/son team who discovers that Jules Verne’s novel was not fiction.

I hear you mocking this news. I know your eyes are rolling at the thought of yet another Hollywood return to a tired old story- but wait! This one has a twist. The new film will reportedly be shot only in 3D, and is aiming for a wide release, hoping to pull in 3000 “normal” theatres, not just IMAX.  

Am I a geek for being really excited about this news? Yeah, you’re right, I am. I am, in fact, a perfect representative of precisely the base of people Walden Media hopes to appeal to with this new film. I know I’m walking right into their marketing ploy, but holy crap, 3D! If this movie is successful, could it trigger a new trend? Would that new trend be even a remotely good thing, or is such a movie only fun because of its novelty gimmick? I mean, overall, a movie in 3D is going to need all the things that any movie needs to succeed, but holy crap, 3D!

[via Empire]

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