Jack KevorkianOscar-winning American documentarian Barbara Kopple has received permission from Dr. Jack Kevorkian to make a movie about his life. While Kopple could have made the film without Kevorkian's approval, his endorsement means that she will have easy access to research materials, many of them previously unseen - including an unpublished book upon which the movie is to be based. Called You Don't Know Jack (oh, the clever), the book was written by two long-time Kevorkian associates, his assistant of 25 years and his "neighbor and lifelong friend." It will also, unfortunately, be the source of the film's title.

According to producer Steve Jones, the project is "not a film about euthanasia but instead a look at a passionate man who spent his entire life fighting for rights he believes that every human should have." With Barbara Turner writing and Kopple in the director's chair, You Don't Know Jack is very likely to be a well-made look at a controversial figure. No word yet on when it will go into production.
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