• First thing's first: have you entered our costume contest? Why the hell not? Put on a damn costume, take a picture, and send a link to a pic here. There is, after all, a boxset on the line.
  • Once again, Erik rounds up his favorite trailers for horror movies of yore. Whatever you do, don't miss that trailer for Dracula – oh, what Plan 9 could have been! Also, check out the first Halloween Trailer Park.
  • Are the Weinsteins planning on making another Halloween? Or, are they just going to remake the original?
  • Jette talks up all the Halloween-and-movie-related events coming up over the next few days in Austin. Of particular note: Alamo Drafthouse's Dracula Romanian Feast.
  • You can walk like a zombie, but you'll have to go to Montreal to do it.
  • Robert reviewsDominion, Paul Schrader's Exorcist prequel that Morgan Creek had Renny Harlin re-film, and then decided to release anyway.
  • Keith reviews the first episode of Showtime's horror-auteur anthology, Masters of Horror. This one's directed by Don Cosciarelli. Speaking of Cosciarelli, Mark has the deets on his next project.
  • Cats! Spaceships! Washed-up Child Stars! Ballerinas! All of the above find a home in our Halloween Editions of the Vintage Image of the Day.
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