hayden.jpgEmpire Online is disseminating some pretty interesting information on the casting of the new Edie Sedgwick biopic, Factory Girl. Hayden Christensen has apparently confirmed that he'll be costarring in the flick, as a character based on the young Bob Dylan. While the Hayden fangirls began to busy themselves with the very important question of "Bob who?", Christensen went on to announce that Guy Pearce had also been cast in the film. The Memento star will join the ever-growing list of names (Jared Harris, David Bowie) to don the white wig required by the role of Andy Warhol. These developments have not been confirmed by anyone who doesn't occasionally go by the name of Anakin, so we'll have to wait and see what happens; as far as I know, Factory Girl is still on hold until production returns to New Orleans.
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